Here at Firstpack; we employ various industry standards in color management and print software & machinery. One of our premier print equipment is Pantone’s six color printing process called the PANTONE HEXACHROME® in which orange and green inks are used to complement existing CYMK processes. This higher color gamut & better color reproduction process is known in the industry as the CMYKOG Process. To further maximize the potential our equipment, we utilize certified X-rite Color Management software that is unique and powerful to achieve accurate and top notch color printing.

We are backed by decades of experience & scientific knowledge

In additional to all the equipment we use; we have a team of employees that is highly trained and skilled in Lithography & Reprography; we understand very well, the whole array of parameters needed to achieve a good print; this set of complicated processes range from the different kinds of paper and ink under various temperature and humidity. Essential details like alcohol to water ratio and blanket tensions are all considered under our strict quality control.

Being in this business for half a century has made us veterans in this field. We are also ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:2004 certified & have received awards like the Sanyo Award.

So no more worries about inaccurate colors and mundane finishes, Firstpack is armed with Mitsubishi 6 Color Press, X-rite Color Management employed by our highly skilled workers. Our final products are always a notch above the competition.